Local Fare 
Train Rides 

Adirondack Museum 
Phone: 518-352-7311

Bolton Historical Museum
Phone: 518-644-9960

Chapman Historical Museum
Phone: 518-793-2826

Fort William Henry Museum
Phone: 518-668-5471

Fort Ticonderoga/Mt. Defiance
Phone: 518-585-2821

Frances G. Kinnear Museum
Phone: 518-696-4520 

Lake George Historical Museum
Phone: 518-668-5044

Marcella Sembrich Opera Museum
Phone: 518-644-9839

Mill Museum 
Phone: 518-696-2711

National Museum of Dance
Phone: 518-584-2225

National Museum of Thoroughbred Racing
Phone: 518-584-0400

Schoolhouse Museum 
Phone: 518-696-3051

Stony Creek Historical Museum
Phone: 518-696-3952

Warrensburg Museum of Local History
Phone: 518-623-2928

19th Century Jail Cells
Phone: 518-668-5044



City Hall Gallery
Phone: 518-798-1837

Hague Cartoon Museum
Phone: 518-543-8824 or 518-543-6356

The Hyde Collection
Phone: 518-792-1761

IACA World Awareness Children's Museum
Phone: 518-793-2773

Lake George Arts Project
Phone: 518-668-2616



Local Fare 
Adirondack Ensemble Chamber Music Series
Phone: 518-251-5811

Adirondack Theatre Festival
Phone: 518-798-7479

de Blasiis Chamber Music Series
Phone: 518-793-0531

Glens Falls Community Theatre
Phone: 518-792-1740

Glens Falls Symphony Orchestra
Phone: 518-793-1348

Home Made Theatre
Phone: 518-587-4427

Lake George Chamber Orchestra
Phone: 518-798-8962

Lake George Dinner Theatre
Phone: 518-668-5781

Lake George Opera Festival
Phone: 518-793-3859 or 519-793-3858

Lake Luzerne Chamber Music Festival
Phone: 518-696-2771 or 800-874-3202

Original Works Repertory Theatre
Phone: 518-745-8390

Saratoga Performing Arts Center
Phone: 518-587-3330

Terrace Room Dinner Theatre
Phone: 518-668-5401
Website: www/

Waikiki Supper Club
Phone: 518-668-5744



Train Rides 
Adirondack Scenic Railroad
Phone: 518-369-6290

Lake George Trolley Rides
Phone: 518-792-1085

The Upper Hudson River Railroad
Phone: 518-251-5334